[allowed] Re: Strange 'buzz' in Ambisonic recording
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Gerard Lardner
2018-05-12 19:42:29 UTC
OK. I tried. But VVEncode is not seeing/opening/reading the Richard Lee
calibration files; but VVMic /does/ work with the Richard Lee
calibration files and it is with those files that I don't have any problem.

I've written now to David McGriffy asking about any difference between
the calibration file formats for VVMic and VVEncode. Maybe I'm just
doing something wrong again, though they are saved in the folders listed
as the default places VVEncoder searches.

FWIW, I've tried to save a copy of the B-format of the same sample of
music in the same Dropbox as before,
I'm not sure if I have actually exported the B-format track correctly,
but it sounds right in Harpex Player, except that the buzz is missing.

Gerard Lardner
Bing! Illumination strikes. I think I know what's happening. Some years ago you, Fons, when I first got the Brahma, or possibly Ricardo (Richard Lee) or Angelo, pointed out that the original 44k1 calibration file for my Brahma was corrupt; not the right length; maybe also the 96k file, but I don't record at 96k. Since then I have used 48k sampling, or a set of calibration file done for me by Ricardo. But this year i forgot and had gone back to the original calibration file. That's why VVMic stand alone works without the noise - it only uses the new calibration file. I'll try/check with the new calibration file when I get home tonight.
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I have tried encoding using VVEncode and using X-Volver (in Reaper). The
effect is there in either case, though it is less obvious when using
X-Volver. However, I do not hear it at all if I listen to the files through
the stand-alone version of VVMic. This makes me think I am doing something
wrong in Reaper.
A had a quick look (more later, have to go now). In the stereo file
there are discontinuities spaced 512 samples or multiples of 512
samples apart. This looks like a problem in the convolution.
Please upload the B-format as well.
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Paul Hodges
2018-05-13 09:30:52 UTC
Post by Gerard Lardner
But VVEncode is not seeing/opening/reading the Richard Lee
calibration files;
I had this problem, and also incorrect processing of some files; as a
result Dave has updated VVEncode to correct both errors, so it's worth
checking you've got the latest version.

Paul Hodges