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Ralph Glasgal
2017-10-13 17:31:13 UTC
Christos Tsakostas of Greece has figured out how to use an ordinary Chrome
Browser to provide wide stage imaging for any two ordinary speakers, even up
to 180 degrees from standard 2.0 recordings that have good values of ITD and
ILD. His technology is free and if you download the Chrome extension you
can play any stored music file or realtime streaming download. The featured
demos of both video clips like Gravity and music tracks like Pink Floyd are
impressive either with little PC or laptop/tablet speakers or external high
end loudspeakers. One can only hope he gets around to a full circle in the
horizontal plane this way soon. Go to https://cloud.aria3d.com and click on
demos and of course you need to pick a speaker angle from the settings menu
and there is help text. Other browsers do work for the demos.

I will be using Aria3d myself during the AES technical tour TT06 if you are
coming to the convention and want to hear it.

Ralph Glasgal
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