Nuendo 8.3 update
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Courville, Daniel
2018-10-09 20:30:13 UTC
New in Steinberg Nuendo 8.3 regarding Ambisonics:

Panning audio in Ambisonics
Mono, stereo or surround channels can be routed to Ambisonics buses with the new VST MultiPanner to position the audio in the Ambisonics sphere

Monitoring Ambisonics Audio
Nuendo 8.3 includes an VST AmbiDecoder plug-in. This decodes the Ambisonics mix to an immersive HRTF-based binaural sound for headphones or to an immersive sound speaker configuration. Besides being able to import an HTRF file containing the information of individual head and ears shape, the AmbiDecoder also offers YouTube and Facebook monitoring modes.