New book: Parametric time-frequency-domain spatial audio
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Pulkki Ville
2017-12-15 08:31:22 UTC
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this is to inform of our new contributed book: 15 chapters, 416 pages, matlab code. The idea in the book was to bake our DirAC- and CroPaC-related work into it, and invite chapters from other researchers having similar approaches. Finally there is 8 chapters from my group, and 7 chapters from external groups. At least I am quite happy with the book. :-)


[from wiley site]
This book provides readers with the principles and best practices in spatial audio signal processing. It describes how sound fields and their perceptual attributes are captured and analyzed within the time-frequency domain, how essential representation parameters are coded, and how such signals are efficiently reproduced for practical applications. The book is split into four parts starting with an overview of the fundamentals. It then goes on to explain the reproduction of spatial sound before offering an examination of signal-dependent spatial filtering. The book finishes with coverage of both current and future applications and the direction that spatial audio research is heading in.

And yes, it includes a matlab implementation of a certain version of DirAC. The version of it is a STFT-based virtual-microphone-based first-order DirAC.

All the best,
Ville Pulkki
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2017-12-15 12:24:02 UTC
This is basically aimed at those living in the UK.
I have contact with a well known artist who is performing an acoustic concert in the first quarter of 2018 that is being recorded for release on DVD. I have suggested that, considering where the event is taking place, that the audio be recorded Ambisonically and used as the source for the surround (possibly 4.0) track on the DVD as well as a UHJ encoded CD release.
For obvious reasons i can’t publicly give anymore information as things are still in motion and are a little hush-hush, so i’d be grateful if anyone knows of anyone who is capable of doing a professional job of recording Ambisonically here in the UK.
Fingers crossed
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