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*SMC 2018*

The 15th International Sound & Music Computing Conference
Dept. of Communication and Internet Studies
Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus, 4-7 July, 2018


Please check the conference website for updates: smc2018.cut.ac.cy
Also, please do follow the Conference on Facebook
<https://www.facebook.com/Smc2018-550782081935886/> and on Twitter

*Theme: Sonic Crossings*

The main theme of the conference focuses on the ability of sound and music
to cross boundaries, to eliminate borderlines and overcome physical and
digital limitations. The theme also evokes the rich cultural landscape and
soundscape of Cyprus, a country predominantly made up of Greek and Turkish
Cypriot communities divided by a military border. Despite the political
problems, Cyprus enjoys a dynamic and complex cultural and sonic
unification not only through the resonances and overtones of these two
strong ethnic communities but also through those of several other
nationalities inhabiting the island.

The theme of the conference focuses on researching different approaches of
computer music and interactive music systems and monitoring the impact of
technology on composition, performance, musicology and education through a
discussion around the wide concept of 'crossings'. A special focus will be
given to sonic crossings in our mind, in our close environment, in our
society, in our natural soundscape and in our imaginary landscapes of the
ocean and the space searching the dream of the Varesian "deserts". A
special tribute to commemorate the thirtieth year since the passing of
Giacinto Scelsi, a composer who embodies the fluid border between sound and
music, is also planned. Other areas of focus will be soundscape aesthetics,
sound borders - which always broaden through technology - biotechnology
issues, ethics of sound and music, virtual spatialisation and cultural

*Keynote Speakers*
Claude Cadoz, Rebecca Fiebrink, Trevor Wishart

*Submission Dates*

*Papers*Full-Paper Submission Deadline - 22nd March 2018
Acceptance Notification to Authors - 3rd May 2018
Camera-ready Paper due - 19th May, 2018

Deadline for music submissions - 22nd March 2018
Notification of music acceptance - 30th April 2018

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

Acoustics and psychoacoustics
AI and music performance
Analysis/synthesis of the singing voice
Applications in audio and music
Architectural acoustics modeling and auralization
Assistive technologies
Audio and music for AR/VR
Audio and music for games
Audio Interactions
Audio recognition and birdsinging
Audio/Music Information Retrieval
Auditory display
Automatic music generation /accompaniment systems
Bioacoustic modeling
Biomusic and sound installations
Computational archeomusicology
Computational Byzantine musicology
Computational ethnomusicology
Computational musicology and mathematical music theory
Computational ornithomusicology
Computer music software and programming languages
Data sonification
Digital systems of tuning
Ethics of sound and new technologies
Gesture, motion and music
History and aesthetics of electroacoustic music
Immersive soundscape environments / Immersive Audio
Interaction and improvisation
Interactive environments for voice training
Interactive performance systems
Jazz performance and machine learning
Music and robotics
Music technology in education
Music therapy and technology for special needs
New interfaces for musical expression
Perception and cognition of sound and music
Recording and mastering automation techniques
Sound/music and the neurosciences
Spatial sound and spatialisation techniques

*Composers* are invited to submit works for fixed media (electroacoustic
sounds or audiovisual), live performance, or installation. Works which deal
with the following themes are especially encouraged:

Topic I - Music at the Borders
- Engaging with Folk Music in contemporary contexts
- Sounds of Tradition
- Responding to past and present

Topic II - Interfaces, Interactions and Improvisation
- New musical interfaces/instruments
- Exploration of gestures and what they trigger
- The performer as composer: new directions in improvisation
We also encourage submissions that use ancient music, voice and instruments
from the Mediterranean. Please contact the music chair for more details.

*Summer School*
The theme of the Summer School will be 'Computational Ethnomusicology'. The
Chair of the Summer School is George Tzanetakis. The Summer School will be
having a mix of workshops and lectures from both industry and academia. The
aim is to broaden the skills palette and hands-on technical skills of the
Summer School will take place from 30th of June to 3th of July, in the
Cyprus University of Technology facilities.
Applicants for a place in the Summer School should express their interest
by sending their Curriculum Vitae and a letter of interest that clearly
indicates their motivation and previous experience with sound and music
computing research by 1st of March, 2018.
A maximum of 20 selected participants will be notified by 3rd of June, 2018.
All applications and inquiries can be directed to the SMC Summer School

*Organizing Committee*
Conference Chair and SMC Liaison - Nicolas Tsapatsoulis
Paper Selection Chair - Anastasia Georgaki

Paper Selection Co-Chair - Areti Andreopoulou
Music Selection Chair - Evis Sammoutis
Music Selection Co-Chair - Panayiotis Kokoras
Summer School Chair - George Tzanetakis
Technical Director - Yiannis Christidis
Conference Assistant - Markos Souropetsis

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