Collaboration in audio areas
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anna.czerwoniec zylia.pl
2018-01-15 12:41:27 UTC
Hi All!

As you may already know, the company I work for - Zylia - is developing a spherical microphone array with a corresponding software for musicians and audio engineers - ZYLIA Portable Recording Studio. The product has been successfully funded by the Indiegogo campaign and at this moment it is at the final stage of development.

In the nearest future, our R&D team is going to have some free resources, so I am writing to you regarding the opportunities for cooperation between Zylia and your company. Our main areas of expertise are:
- processing of digital signals (audio, video, speech),
- coding and streaming of audio and video,
- design, production, and measurement of microphone arrays, recording devices, etc.
- optimization of algorithms and signal processing methods,
- 3D Audio recording (including HOA).

Please let me know if you (or maybe some other companies you know) would be interested in collaborating with us.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Anna Czerwoniec

Zylia Sp z o.o.
Umultowska 85, 61 – 614 Poznań, Poland
Phone 0048 61 279 40 44,http://www.zylia.co

Please, visit our Indiegogo campaign and support us. We really want to make this happen.


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