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Ralph Glasgal
2017-10-11 14:36:07 UTC
It has been while since I have been able to follow this list or contribute
to it and I am sorry about that. But the Ambio team has not been idle in
the interim.

We would like to invite those coming to the NYC AES convention to sign up
for the technical tour leaving Saturday morning Oct. 21st at 9:00 AM to New
Jersey to hear the latest Ambiophonic surround apps, components, recordings
etc. It is interesting that two of the six tours this year are devoted to
loudspeaker binaural/surround technologies and it is also the topic of the
Keynote address. Indeed, Ambiophonics and similar technologies are now
superior alternatives to 2.0 stereo and 5.1 surround in most traditional
home applications and the already available apps do the same for
tablet/laptop/smart phone/etc. listening.

The Ambiophonics team will be hosting demonstrations on three floors as
described below, there will indeed be a free lunch, and if you wish, you may
stay later than the official tour length. Recording engineers may want to
see the Panambiophone surround mic array and hear some surround recordings
made with it. It produces a full circle of direct sound in the horizontal
plane, via standard 4.0 media (DTS 5.1) when played back over just four
speakers for a group of listeners. You may want to read some of the
tutorials or papers at www.ambiophonics.org before you come. Ralph Glasgal

AES Technical Tour Destination, TT06 The Ambiophonics Institute

Come to learn and experience 2D, 3D, and VR sound the latest Ambiophonic
ways. (Ambiophonics, the public domain successor to stereophonics, 5.1,
7.1, 10.2 Dolby Atmos, Auro 3d, etc.) 180° frontal and full 360° sound
stages will be auditioned using tracks from standard 2.0, 5.1 discs or
on-line media.

Note that the Ambio like stereo or binaural is a fundamental psychoacoustic
concept and so all the software/component systems here are not proprietary
and can be easily duplicated or used at relatively low cost by any AES
Some 8 systems ranging from a tiny sound bar, to a tablet, to a laptop, to a
conventional two speaker system, to a 4K 3D picture and sound home theater,
to The Domestic Concert Hall (which duplicates the Sydney Opera House via 28
electrostatic and 2 CBT panels, curtesy of Angelo Farina) will showcase a
variety of exceptional but still standard media recordings, that have
largely hidden 3D characteristics when reproduced the old way.

We will be demonstrating Envelophonics which produces a sense of envelopment
for home systems just as in concert halls. You will also be able to hear
what stereo source position distortion and inherent combing frequency
response sounds like and learn how to eliminate it. The PanAmbiophone, will
be here for you to see how to make one for yourself. Many free books and
technical papers available.

Five 78RPM acoustic Victrolas plus a selection of audio antiques will be on
display curtesy of the Audio History Library. After the official tour has
ended those who wish to remain for further listening or discussion are
welcome to do so. Free transportation back to the GWB A train subway
station will be available.

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