Surround sound residency in Oslo 2019
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Astrid Midtbø
2018-02-15 12:46:20 UTC
Hello Sursound

Notam is now open for applications to our residency dedicated for
immersive audio work in 2019.
Application deadline is April 1st
Composers and sound artists who reside in the _Nordic and Baltic
countries_ (except Norway) are eligible to apply to the program which
has been made possible with the support of the Nordic Culture Point.

Residence periods of 6-8 weeks are preferable, but the period can be
divided into two parts. It should be completed by the end of 2019.
Travel and accommodation costs are covered and fees are offered
depending on the length of stay, NOK 10,000 per month. The guests are
given an office space, access to Studio 3, our 24-channel studio for
surround, plus other studios and equipment. Technical assistance is
available during work hours.

We offer:
        Travel spendings to and from Oslo
        Work grant
        Office and technical staff
        Access to Studio 3
        Access to Notam’s other studios and resources

Read more and apply at
Astrid Midtbø
Norsk senter for teknologi i musikk og kunst
Sandakerveien 24D, Bygg F3
N-0473 Oslo
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