AES 2018 AVAR - registration is open!
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Joseph G. Tylka
2018-07-19 20:29:36 UTC
Dear list,

Registration for the Audio Engineering Society’s 2nd International
Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality (AES 2018 AVAR
<http://www.aes.org/conferences/2018/avar/>) is open! The conference will
be held at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA, from August
20th--22nd, with a program focusing around the dissemination of top-level
research in the field of spatial audio for virtual and augmented reality,
and discussion of technical solutions and recommended practices.

From over 60 submissions, papers chairs Joe Tylka, Rahulram Sridhar, and
Edgar Choueiri have selected approximately 40 papers, whose topics include:
HRTF personalization, measurement, and modeling; production, sound design,
and tools for VR/AR; spatial perception and subjective evaluation;
ambisonics and binaural rendering of 3D sound fields; and virtual acoustics
and modeling.

In addition to the paper and poster sessions, workshops/tutorials chair
Linda Gedemer has organized a selection of tutorials, demonstrations, panel
discussions, and workshops on a wide-range of current topics, including:
sound for 360-degree productions, audio design for VR experiences, HRTF
personalization, music for VR/AR, ambisonics for immersive audio, audio
production for VR/AR, and accessibility for VR/AR.

Each day of the conference will feature a keynote address given by
established researchers in the field: Ivan Tashev (Microsoft) on 3D audio,
Jean-Marc Jot (Magic Leap) on wearable 3D audio, and Ravish Mehra (Oculus)
on sound propagation for virtual and augmented reality. After each keynote
there’ll be a special workshop panel dedicated to the topic of the address.

For further information and to register, go to:

Hope to see you in Redmond!

Joe Tylka
Papers Co-Chair, AES 2018 AVAR Conference

Joseph G. Tylka
Doctoral Candidate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
3-D Audio & Applied Acoustics Laboratory
Princeton University
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