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2017-11-13 15:42:18 UTC
Hello All,

I've used this software for years. It works very well.

It's part of a suite that includes VoiceMeeter, which is a software based mixer for windows. There are several versions with differing levels of physical and virtual I/O sophistication.

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Hi All

I happened to find a couple of interesting donationware programs.

VBAN can send up to 8 channel audio between devices in a network,
or at least that's what they say. I haven't tried this one yet. Could
work for
a multiroom surround sound system.


However, I did install the Virtual Audio Cable. It allows connecting two
applications together.


I used Reaper as a transmitting program and AudioMulch as the receiving
Ta - dah! Now I can do waveform editing and mixing in Reaper and play the
audio in real time to AudioMulch for multichannel panning, processing
and decoding.

The first Virtual Audio Cable can be downloaded and used without making
necessarily a donation. The next pairs of channels need to be paid for.
(Of course
it it decent to pay also for the first one.)

The latency between the channels should be checked, I haven't done that yet.

The "better" version supports 24bit / 384 kHz audio streams.

VB-Audio has also other applications. I am not sure of I should consider VB
applications as serious audio tools or not.

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