Opportunities in 3D Audio @ Qualcomm [in California, USA]
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Sen, Deep
2017-05-01 18:45:05 UTC
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There are full-time employment opportunities in the following fields of 3D Audio:

3D Audio Production tools
Experience in writing plugins (AAX, VST, etc)
Especially creating plugins for HOA and Objects based audio
Audio Coding:
Knowledge and experience in Audio Coding (AAC, USAC, MPEG-H)
Source Coding/Information Theory
Broadcast/Streaming Workflow
Knowledge and experience A/V transport in Television plants.
3D Audio Rendering & VR
Concept and knowledge of 3D Audio rendering algorithms over loudspeakers and headphones.

Candidates should have Masters or PhD level qualifications in EE/CS, EE/T, Music Technology, Acoustics and/or related areas. Programming experience in C/C++, MATLAB is essential. Programming on mobile platforms for Android and/or iOS is a plus.

Candidates interested in the positions should send email, with a resume, to the following address:

***@qualcomm.com <mailto:***@qti.qualcomm.com>

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