Live Coding for Multichannel Sound Workshop (London, UK)
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2017-05-16 10:03:29 UTC
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Live Coding for Multichannel Sound

*Friday 26th May 7pm - 9pm*
*Performance by LiveCoding hero Alex McLean*

Making people dance to code since the year 2001, Alex combines music, art,
research and event organisation to try to work out and re-imagine what
computer programming is for.

*Sat 27th May 10am- Sun 28th May 5pmTidalCycles Workshop*

TidalCycles (or Tidal for short) is a language for exploring pattern, a bit
like knitting patterns but for music. In a way it is a Luddite system, a
stripping away of graphical user interfaces to reveal the underlying
computer as a machine made entirely from patterns of language, and using
those patterns to create music. Through this workshop we'll be exploring
the sonic complexities that can emerge from simple code, and in particular,
patterns of repetition, symmetry and interference.

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