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Tom Slater
2016-12-15 18:27:37 UTC
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You might be thinking of us?


We are a collective of sound artists named Call & Response - we curate and
produce sound works for our 13.1(we recently expanded to 19.2 but have yet
to rig the speakers) channel gallery space in Deptford South London.

We run a Genelec 8030 system with 7050 subs, an Antelope Orion 32 channel
interface and a range of Ambisonic plugins from Blue Ripple. We also have a
TetraMic and 3Dio Freespace binaural mic.

The speakers are set up in a cube formation, and our space measures around
7m x 10m.

We also double as a production facility where we deliver master classes and
workshops for individual artists and university departments who are
interested in 3D sound.

We also have a membership scheme that allows access to facilities,
discounts on workshops etc.

We'd be happy to entertain visitors by appointment or just come along to
any of our public events.

You can contact us privately through our website and please do sign up to
our mailing list here

Finally, Karl since we are practically neighbours I would love to know more
about what you do with your system. You are not by any chance connected
with Gillieron Scott Acoustic Design - also based on Brixton Hill?


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