modified blumlein AKA Nimbus/Halliday test
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Gary Gallagher
2017-09-06 01:41:11 UTC
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[image: IMG_20170906_110229.jpg][image: IMG_20170906_105756.jpg]
Trying to construct an intuition about ambisonics. Working through Blumlein
and Gurzon. Noticing that the new Rode ribbon mikes had good sensitivity I
coupled 2 of them with a DPA 4060. I remember reading (I think Gurzon) that
the early Blumlein recordings had some of the nicest stereo effect and I
was curious whether it had to do with the characteristics of ribbon mics,
so I've tried this setup out. Unfortunately I can only listen to it encoded
as a binaural signal where it sounds quite good.

If anyone has a speaker setup to do a quick test I'd appreciate it. the
channel format is ACN and the normalisation is my guess at SN3D. From my
reading of the specs I think the DPA needs to be turned down -3db to match
the Rode NTRs.


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