Soundscape recordings in Paris, Berlin and Montreal
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Bert De Coensel
2017-05-31 19:20:20 UTC
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Dear sursound group,

With Ghent University, we are going to perform combined binaural and
ambisonics recordings at a number of locations within Paris, Berlin and
Montreal. These recordings will be used for research and education on
urban architecture and acoustic design. The idea is that the locations
for recordings are selected in a systematic way, on the basis of the
soundscape that can be experienced at those locations. For this, we need
the help from people familiar with those cities. So if you live or work
in either Paris, Berlin or Montreal, you would do us a big favor by
filling in a very small and fun survey (only one form, takes two minutes
at most). Below you can find the links for the different cities:

Paris: http://urban-soundscapes.org/sites/survey.php?city=paris
Berlin: http://urban-soundscapes.org/sites/survey.php?city=berlin
Montreal: http://urban-soundscapes.org/sites/survey.php?city=montreal

Many thanks!

Best regards,
Bert De Coensel
Prof. Dr. Ir. Bert De Coensel
Ghent University
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