Intersense headtackers
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Moore, Alastair H
2017-05-30 13:44:04 UTC
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Does anyone have experience with the InertiaCube4 in either its USB or RS-232 flavours? In particular, I’d be interested in the system latency. The website (http://www.intersense.com/pages/18/234) claims 2ms for RS-232 so I assume USB is higher. I emailed but didn’t get a response from their technical support. I’d like to work out whether the extra latency vs convenience is acceptable. RS-232 through a USB adaptor is also possible but, presumably, worse still.

Experience with other commercially available ‘plug and play’ head trackers from other vendors would also be interesting.

Apologies if this has been discussed before. I could not see a search facility for the list archive.

Kind regards,

Dr Alastair H Moore
Research Associate in Speech and Audio Processing
Imperial College London

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