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Dave Hunt
2016-11-29 17:17:06 UTC
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Yes I liked it too. It can handle 1st order ambisonic and mono files
in Reaper or ProTools HD and produce a binaural or 1st order
ambisonic output. Not tried the ambisonic output, but the binaural
version is fairly effective. It seems to be designed to produce 8-
channel files for use with Unity and things like it, using their own
library (presumably now known as the Two Big Ears Renderer) of things
for that.

I can't work out why eight channels: 4 for 1st order ambisonic which
would be manipulable in in a games/VR engine ??, and the other 4 ??


Dave Hunt
1. Re: Sursound Digest, Vol 100, Issue 21 (Tom Slater)
Date: 28 November 2016 18:14:47 GMT
Subject: Re: [Sursound] Sursound Digest, Vol 100, Issue 21
Just started using this. Very effective workflow!!
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